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Spiritual Art
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Welcome to my site devoted to my Healing Art! HERE you can browse first hand through much of my artwork.
I am a visionary artist who mainly channels spirit guides or power animals to help people build a connection with their sacred spiritual helpers and teachers. I also create healing art, whose purpose is to assist in the healing and transformative process of the evolution of our being on all levels.
I have always been artistic, however the only formal help I have received is during high school (grade 7 - 10). After that I fiddled in a few of my own creations. It wasn’t until I began my conscious spiritual journey that I began to create my art in a more unique way.
When Temple of Balance was founded in 2005, I began to channel spirit guide for clients all around the world.
Hundreds of my drawings now hang on client’s walls all over the world.
On this site, you can learn more about me and my role as an artist. Order a Spirit Guide Drawing, Browse through some of my original work for sale, Or select any drawing you see and order it as a signed print!
In 2008, 2010 & in 2012, I arranged some of my art into a set of Healing Energy Cards. Fifty-five amazing tools to help you with your self-healing. I feel strongly that everyone has the power within them to heal themselves, its just that many have forgotten. I am passionate about helping you find your power again.
In colour & creativity,
Lee-Anne Peters ( Artist name: L. Willson)
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